Welcome to the 3DES MVP version test!

We created the MVP version to introduce you to the technological process.
And our team will examine the clients needs.

Here you will find information on how to use our service.

If you want to have worker node — follow next link to get instructions.

Get Worker Instruction

The instructions below is designed to get the G-code from the workers.


Direct Link

#Upload model file:

Direct Link

Click "Browse" and choose a ".stl" model file. As a test you can use ours:   Demo File

After a successful upload you’ll see your file in your models list

#Launch the slicing process:

Direct Link

To proceed the model click “Slice”

Choose a slicing settings config. You can either use one of our standard system configs, or upload your personal config in “My configs” section.

The “Started” status confirms that the process is launches.

Slicing is successfully finished! GCode is available for download via a link in the interface.

Now you can send GCode to you 3D-printer for printing.